Release Notes (planned)

  • Figure out how to include all the Disqus JavaScript if TINYBLOG_DISQUS_SHORTNAME is set.
  • Improve pagination.
  • Add support for images.


  • Fix a server error caused when you directly access the view for thanking new subscribers.


  • Ensure the invitation form for inviting subscribers submits to a different endpoint to the regular subscription view.


  • Drop support for Django 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6.
  • Add a new view for inviting people to subscribe to the blog - this sends out a slightly differently worded message, to avoid confusion.
  • Switch the last function-based view over to class-based views.


  • Fix for people subscribing multiple times - let’s ensure people only get a single email, and that unsubscribing works.
  • Print out each email address that had emails sent when running mail_subscribers.


  • Allow searching on email address in the admin.


  • Ensure Disqus works over HTTPS, by using protocol-relative URLs.


  • Add Django 1.8 support.


  • Fix a bug in the unsubscribe page with the link for going back to the blog (the url tag was split over two lines, so the link didn’t render correctly).


  • Help prevent inadvertent unsubscriptions from link pre-fetchers/forwarded emails by requiring an email address be entered to complete cancellation of a subscription.
  • Remove the need for UUIDs in the unsubscription code (this will break old unsubscribe links).


  • Drop Python 2.6 support (it may still work, but is no longer supported).
  • Switch test format to py.test.
  • Add support for Django 1.6 and Django 1.7.
  • RSS feeds now contain bleached post content (with this release, all places where HTML is output are now passed through bleach).
  • Add tests to ensure generated RSS is valid with bad HTML, using feedparser.
  • Removed South migrations - they aren’t currently used (we only have an initial version), and this will smooth the way to switching to using Django 1.7’s new migrations feature.


  • Add settings for allowed tags (TINYBLOG_ALLOWED_TAGS) and allowed attributes (TINYBLOG_ALLOWED_ATTRIBUTES) in bleach.
  • Added a setting for not bleaching content at all (TINYBLOG_NO_BLEACH).
  • Default to allowing the p tag through.


If you’re using South, and have an existing installation of 0.1.8 you’ll need to run after installing, otherwise future migrations will fail:

python migrate tinyblog --fake
  • Added initial documentation.
  • Set up Travis CI integration for continuous integration testing.
  • Removed dependence on sites framework by introducing two settings TINYBLOG_SITE_NAME and TINYBLOG_SITE_DOMAIN. These settings are only required if you do not have django.contrib.sites in your INSTALLED_APPS.
  • Re-added South migrations (removed before first publicly released version).
  • Added support for bleach (if you have overriden tinyblog templates, you may wish to access bleached_teaser, bleached_text and bleached_full_text, rather than teaser_html, text_html and full_text respectively). Text is stored as input (i.e. with any bad tags or attributes), and cleaned on output.


  • First version with fairly comprehensive tests.