Management Commands


mail_subscribers sends the oldest unsent, published blog entry to all current e-mail subscribers (subscribers will need to have confirmed their subscription using the link in the email they received when they signed up, and must not have unsubscribed).

mail_subscribers will only send one email to each subscriber when it is called - if multiple entries are due to be emailed, you’ll need to run it once per entry.

You probably want to set up a cron job to run this management command regularly - set your frequency depending on how close to the publication time you set when creating the blog entry you wish to send the emails.


One of the URLs exposed by tinyblog is at json/, which gives a JSON dump of all published entries. You can import entries from another blog (provided the other blog is built with tinyblog) by running: import_tinyblog

Duplicate entries won’t be created (an entry is deemed a duplicate if it has the same slug as an entry in the blog being imported to), so it’s safe to run this command repeatedly on the same target URL (for example, using a cron job).